Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thoughts on Imagration.

If we as americans were to break a law, such as poach or deal drugs, or drive drunk, we would have our property seized. That is exactly what we should do as a country.
If your found in this country illegally you shuld have your property seized and sent back accross the boarder with nothing.
Any business that is taking part in the hiring of ilegal aliens should have their assets seized as well.

Allowing these criminals to roam free:
  • Presents a security risk.
  • Cheapens the real system of imagration for all who entered this country leagally.
  • Lowers the wages of lower income workers.

You would not need a minimum wage if you would not allow aliens to work in this country. the free market system would take over and employers would have to pay a decent wage or not have enough help.

Smoking bans nation wide

I just had to post a comment about this. Is it that our government wants to make a cookie cutter image of everyone now, and maybe they know what's best for us. Or is it just they want all of us not to be able to think for ourseves.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Have Animal Will Rock